Wahl Arco Pink Clipper

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The Wahl Arco trimmer is the tried and tested cordless option for precise trimming. Its 5-in-1 contour blade set offers superior cutting performance and cutting length adjustment for access to hard-to-reach spots, powerful enough to shave small dog breeds and quiet enough to clip bridle paths and fetlocks on horses.

The Arco kit comes with 2 removable batteries that each have a run time of 80 minutes. With a 75-minute full charge time, keep one battery on the charger and the other in the clipper to ensure continuous all-day clipping.

The blade system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance with quick release and automatically aligning blades so no tensioning is needed. These cordless clippers are ultra-quiet and the cool running motor ensures cool blades during clipping. 

Kit includes: Rechargeable clipper Charging stand Spare battery pack Blade guard Blade oil  Cleaning brush 

Product Applications

  • Feet, face, and all finish work on all dog breeds
  • Light body clipping on small and medium-sized dogs
  • Cat grooming
  • Trimming of horses' bridle path, ears, muzzle, and fetlocks
  • Trimming and show cuts for goats, pigs, and cattle

Supplied without a blade.

Grade B refurbished clippers are sold with a one month manufacturers warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover wear and tear items such as cables, switches, drive levers etc. Grade B machines have been used and will show signs of wear and tear. All refurbished clippers from Master Service have been serviced and repaired to factory standard by our fully trained engineers. All faulty parts will have been replaced and the clippers are supplied in a plain box.

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