Luxor Lx-2500 Double Motor Blaster

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LX-2500 Double Motor Blaster The Luxor LX-2500 is a no-nonsence blaster for the professional who wants the ultimate blast to make their salon more efficient. The durable Japanese motors provide unparalled power and air volume, with speeds reaching 73,200 feet per second! The unique air flow system reaches a higher energy ratio, saving you around 30% energy consumption and reducing drying time. It features variable speed control, allowing you to lower the speed for smaller pets, nervous pets and finer coats and increase the speed for dreaded undercoats, dematting and removing large volume of water from thick coats. With the lower noise level of 78dB, this blaster is much more comfortable to work with in the salon. The casing is made from an ABS material for durability. 12 month warranty. Easy to change, washable filter. 2400W. Comes complete with hose and three nozzles to suit all coat types. 12 month warranty. Wall bracket available.

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