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Kyklon Maxx Blaster

A Dryer is the most important purchase a groomer will make for their business. There are 3 types of dryer available: blasters, finishing dryers and combination dryer/blaster. For the start up groomer, we recommend a combination machine, which will give you the best of both worlds, although most groomers find it more beneficial to have a blaster by the bath, keeping hair contained to the bathing area. For the established groomer, we would recommend a separate blaster and finishing dryer. Irrespective of which type of machine you go for, it is very important to have more than one dryer, in case one should breakdown. We have a wide range of dryers to suit every budget, as well as refurbished machines which are ideal as back ups.


The Kyklon Maxx Blaster is equipped with a 1300 watt motor and has excellent power for it's size. It comes with a strap which can be used to hang it from the shoulder or from a hook on the wall.

  • Ideal for Back-up machine or Student Groomer

  • 2 x Speed Settings

  • 1300 Watt Motor

  • Strap for shoulder / wall

  • Weight: 2.5kg

  • 230V (50Hz)

  • Pink or Blue

Some accessories may be missing, however this will not affect the performance and basic working functions of the machine.

Grade B ryers sre sold with a 30 day warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover wear and tear items such as cables, switches, motor brushes, hoses, nozzles etc. Grade B machines have been lightly used for only a very short period of time. They will be in excellent condition with very minor marks or scratches. All refurbished dryers from Master Service have been serviced and repaired to factory standard by our fully trained engineers. All faulty parts will have been replaced and the machines are supplied in a plain box.

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