Geib Gator 40T Thinner

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Geib Gator 40 Tooth 6.5" Thinner The latest state-of-the-art materials, technology, and methods are used to manufacture Geib top quality shears. Their craftsmen combine modern materials and technology with their precision skills and personal care and pride to yield an exceptional product. The results are our fine shears which are as pleasing to look at as they are comfortable to use. Each pair is finely polished and edges are carefully honed and trued to deliver long, faithful, and reliable service. Level 1: Entry level scissors for students or start-up groomers
Level 2: Work-horse scissors for every day professional use
Level 3: Scissors for professionals who take scissoring seriously
Level 4: Elite Scissors made to extremely high standard
Level 5: Some of the very best Scissors in the World Geib Gator Thinning Scissor Comparison Table Size Level Information Extras 6.5" 2 40 Tooth Thinner Japanese 440c Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Adjustable Tension Screw Offset Handle Also available in 6.5" 30 Tooth Geib Entree Also available in 6.5" 40 Tooth Geib Entree 'Lefty' Please Note: the measurements of Geib Scissors include the finger rest

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