Aesculap Favorita Clipper Spare Parts

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Aesculap Favorita Spare Parts

This range of spare parts are for use in Aesculap Favorita clippers. 

If you are unsure about which spare part you require or unsure which spare part to order for your clipper, please do no hesitate to contact us on (028) 2766 6879 and we will be happy to help. 

Available Spare Parts:

  • Brush (NEW) - NB. Requires 2 to be purchased

  • Brush (OLD) - NB. Requires 2 to be purchased

  • Circuit Board

  • Switch Cover

  • ON/OFF Switch (Pre. 1998)

  • Armature

  • Blade Tension Screw

  • Drive Gear Lever

  • Slide Ring

  • Brush Retainer

  • Cable Protector

  • Bottom Casing

  • Top Casing

  • Gear Wheel

  • Swallow Tail

  • Swallow Tail Lever

  • Screw for Swallow Tail

  • Swallow Tail Tension Spring

  • Blade Plastic Pressure Plate

  • Blade Plate Spring
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