Need Help Choosing A Service?

Our simple guide will help you to find exactly what you need, from sharpening blades to browsing our fantastic range of products.

How Does Master Service Work?

In four simple steps we aim to provide a quick & efficient service:

1. Book a Service/Repair

Select the items you would like to have serviced or repaired. Add additional information to speed up the entire process – the finer details really do help us help you!

2. Pay Online

Pay online for the service you want. Electrical items require a booking charge, we will then contact you with a quotation before proceeding. The online payment covers the booking charge.

3. Print and Attach Label

Upon payment, our system will generate an invoice detailing your purchase and a label containing the necessary details to receive our master service. Follow these instructions for a speedy turnaround.

4. Ship to Us and Relax

Package your goods up, ensure they’re fit for travel and ship to us. Turnaround times may vary.